Powdered hot cocoa mix added to drip (or sometimes even instant) coffee.

Can be made for free in many company breakrooms.
Forget Starbucks, I'm going to go make a ghetto mocha!
by Shizbang Lewis March 9, 2004
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a certain coffe that is made with hershey kisses and mixed on the side of the road.
by op March 11, 2004
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A drink made with hot chocolate mix and coffee--usually prepared in the office kitchen. In an emergency, it's a substitute for an actual mocha when one can't get to a coffee shop.
Erin: "I didn't have time to run to Caribou, so I had to make do with a Ghetto Mocha."
Rick: "Ghetto Mocha, huh? Not as good as the real thing, but it'll do in an emergency, mofo."
by RERS January 18, 2013
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Coffee mixed with a packet of hot chocolate.
This office has packets of Swiss Miss next to the coffee machine. Time for a ghetto mocha latte!
by Skyblacker December 18, 2019
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One with Latino Heritage i.e. Mexicans or Puerto Ricans
Damn bitch when those Ghetto Mocha Lattes gonna finish the work on that intersection.
by Jimmy Black October 4, 2006
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coffee, powdered creamer, a package of hot chocolate and peppermint whipped cream.

*** NUMMIES ***
imma cuddlz up on me couch and drink me some ghetto mocha num nums right about now bitches!!!!

im in your blanketz
drinking your ghetto mocha num numz
by Broadway Mafia (Lacey) December 8, 2006
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