A persons background. Something that represents who they are and where they are from.
My heritage is part of who I am.
by Sixteen324 February 26, 2015
A group of hot girls that post all there selfies. They can be there selves, because everyone already knows there ugly. Heritage is a group which is secretive and a way of life. Anyone can become a part of Heritage, what are we kidding.. you have to be very special and cool... cyberbulling has to be used at all times and if not you are an outcast
'oh wow are you in heritage'


'wow you must have no life'
by selfie girl December 20, 2011
Something that it SO YOU...!
Kitty, Kelly and Judy were all shopping at a thrift store(aka: Heritage-store)

Kelly holds up a fabulous old textured overcoat ( aka: an Oatmeal-coat ) and Kitty exclaims "I'ts your HERITAGE!", "You Must!" (get it).

Judy looks up for a moment, takes a drag off the cig hanging from her lip and continues to sort through the blouses unimpressed.

(Kitty to Kelly) "That coat is so totally NOT HER HERITAGE."
by TimBuck3 May 27, 2011
Heritage the most beautiful girl you will ever meet if she likes you she can't stop likening u she just the one if she likes you don't let her go or she will never come back she is always right no matter what she says she is smart hot strong and a little bit emotional she likes to act poor so she can see how you are. IF YOU MEET HER DONT LET HER GO.
Do you know heritage she is the most beautiful girl don't leave her it would nd up hurting you.
by AMMANUEL October 14, 2019
Otherwise known as scene park, it is a park in Slidell, Louisiana off of front street, but if your cool, its off of West Hall. It is the place to be cool and hang out with the other scene kids.

Hmm, I'm bored and i just straightened and poofed up the back of my hair, lets go to Heritage. Grab your camera, i need a new default for myspace.
by Slidell Scenexcore rocks. January 21, 2007
What some Southerners claim for why they do hateful and racist things since the civil war.
"It's my heritage to fly the confederate battle flag." Or "It's my heritage to put on this white hood- if you say something about it being racist, you're pulling the race card."
by HA1029 April 3, 2019