It is the kiss after eating out someones asshole, normally accompanied with a ditty.
"You see that hot piece of ass right there, well I just gave her a hershey kiss for real dawg I could almost swear that my tongue was touching her intestine, anyways I'm going to go make out with my girlfriend and when she taste the shit all on my lips I'm gonna tell her were done and that I have shit on my lips BWITCH!!! and then I will explain that I just gave another gine the hershey kiss"
by the st3 October 10, 2005
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The pointed smattering of fecal matter that's stuck to the end of one's penis after anal sex.
When I pulled out of her ass, I saw a hershey kiss on my cock.
by NCC Shooter August 11, 2006
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Fecal matter found on the tip of the penis upon withdrawing it from your partner's anus.
Phil pulled out of Dave and looked down to discover a hershey kiss on the tip of his penis.
by Booman01 May 06, 2010
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a maneuver used in fighting. once your opponent has been knocked unconscious, you roll him/her onto his/her back. you then remove your pants and underwear, spread your butt-cheeks apart, and squat over your victim's forehead. you then gently place your puckered browneye onto his/her forehead. hopefully, your browneye is nice and juicy. this will result in a brown puckered mark on your opponent's forehead, and when you stand up, should make a "kissing" noise. this maneuver is used to both mark and humilify.
the "hershey kiss" originated in Richlandtown, PA in the year 2001.
man 1: "dude, after i knocked that fuck out last night i gave him a hershey kiss! it took him two hours to realize it was even there!"

man 2: "what a tool."
by feldpar February 17, 2009
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1. A hershey kiss is a under way of sayin blow job or head.

2.A real polite way of asking for oral pleasure,head,a blow job,a flight to boston whateva yee wanna call it lil cuzin.

3.Also used as a code word between man and a woman, when around a group of peers to siganal to the other party that he or she wants or need oral services.
A lil mama let me get some candy, a hershey kiss.

TRICK!!! Question: what your favorite candy?
Fool: blah blah blah.
Your Answer: oh really, my favorite is hershey kisses
by a.k.a Baby J October 28, 2006
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The big over-grown nipples of colored people, usually found in National Geographic, or Puff-daddy concerts, usually with babys hanging from them, by their mouthes, so the mothers hands are free to smoke crack cocaine. The nipples are also found on many other lower primates.
Person 1: Gross, this magazine is full of spooks with hershey kisses that have tar-babys hanging off of them.
Person 2: You've never seen jet magazine before?
by 2-Black Shacriminal April 23, 2009
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