When you "accidentally" miss the vagina and end up in the ass.
"She was really getting into it until I gave her the swiss miss".
by BProfane June 3, 2009
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When you really need to take a piss, in reference to Sam O'nella's Swiss miss video where he called it:
" Swiss Miss, Instant Piss" in regards to the taste of only one packet.
by Riedisawesome December 30, 2016
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When a guy is with 2 girls and he gets no action, but the girls hook up with each other. Like Switzerland, the guy remains neutral and misses an opportunity to be with 2 girls.
Last night, I watched 2 girls hook up and I was a swiss miss. We were all hanging out and next thing I know, they're hooking up and I got swiss missed.
by Martita Papita June 27, 2010
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During sexual intercourse, while ejaculating, you aim for her face but unfortunately... you miss
Dude i was about to blow
And then i fucking missed!
Haha... a swiss miss
by diggit hefner and frenchie December 13, 2008
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Like a Tea Bag, but trying to dip your sack into a butthole.
Man, I am in the mood for some hot Swiss Miss!
by MathND January 28, 2017
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