graffiti slang. someone who is "gettin' up" is active in the current graff game and has some nice pieces around town.
damn son, SIFEN is gettin' up in ATL.
by _NELLY_ January 22, 2007
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An exclamation for those given times when a situation is so intolerable, as every one on the entire planet is pissing you off at any given time, for no apparent reason.
Comes home from shitty day at work, just wants to chill out... discovers house mates left trash all over the place.

"ffs, why is every one Gettin' up in ma grill today!?"
by sabzwin June 06, 2015
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a) Slang term for when a man enters a woman's vagina.

b) Slang term used when you are about to engage in some amazing sex.
Doug: You goin over to Amanda's house tonight?
Mike: Bruh, hell yeah.... I'ma be gettin up in dem guts!!!!
by MitchMitchell August 20, 2017
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A hard core, intense education through instant messaging with an anal-retentive guy named Scott.
I've been gettin' wized up since last January.
by i got wized up August 08, 2005
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Going to the bar and get extremely drunk because your wife took the TV away. One who is drunk and unable to drive so he/she tends to get run over or kidnapped or some crazy ass thing.
Use your word in a sentence
Paul,"Man Jimmy was so gettin jacked up last night"
Dave,"Yeah man piss ran down his legs"
by Tay~Tay May 01, 2015
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A phrase used to describe a situation that is totally out of hand or ridiculous.
JB: Did you see the Katies and Bridget spiking their drinks with vodka in the breakroom?

Sharon: It's only 10 am!
JB: It's gettin' squirrely up in here!
by Fireball BD February 10, 2012
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