6 definitions by sabzwin

When you cared about a person, group or cause that means something emotionally, spiritually or existentially
by sabzwin July 5, 2016
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Like “TLDR” except used when being asked about something that is too complicated to explain! TLDA literally used in the same way as TLDR
by sabzwin October 15, 2022
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An exclamation for those given times when a situation is so intolerable, as every one on the entire planet is pissing you off at any given time, for no apparent reason.
Comes home from shitty day at work, just wants to chill out... discovers house mates left trash all over the place.

"ffs, why is every one Gettin' up in ma grill today!?"
by sabzwin June 6, 2015
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Live fucking Jesus! LFJ

Beg your mates to live despite unpleasant consequences
by sabzwin June 16, 2023
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Wages so low they’re hardly worth going to work for

Pun on “sh*t money”
I’m leaving this job since it’s stinking chip money
by sabzwin March 20, 2021
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Believing that the 'pure blood' is of superior race; those of which whom identify with dual heritage status are classified amongst this excluded demographic, typically alcohol abusers, are often labelled as *see above*

Worst form of racism that I will personally, never tolerate. Dig your own grave,
" That (enter nationality/ethnicity here) cunt is an inbred shithead... "
by sabzwin February 26, 2021
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