A phrase having many different meanings but usually "congratulating" someone else for something they've achieved (usually in the sexual realm but for pretty much anything).
A: "I just aced my physics exam!"
B: "Get it, girl!!"

A: "Why is Nicole smiling so much today?"
B: "You know she got some from Eddie last night!"
A: "Get it, Nicole! you better GET IT!"
by Choate's Diddy July 18, 2005
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If someone would 'get it', then you would comfortably have sex with them if they lay naked on a bed. They don't have to have sex appeal, be pretty or fit, and personality is no obstacle.
Have you seen Janey recently?
Yeah, she'd get it.
by jabba12345 May 17, 2007
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A common typo made when someone is trying to type 'get it'.
AIMperson1: he just doesn't ge tit
AIMperson2: Huh huh, you said tit
AIMperson1: shut up, you know what I meant
by anonymous March 15, 2005
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To obtain the intimacy of a member of the opposite sex after minimal effort. past tense - got it
Hey Jimmie....did you get it last night.

Yeah man, I got it!
by J-man August 05, 2003
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A phrase you say after a joke if it flies past the people's heads. A question that may be responded to with I don't get it.
!: What do you call a sexy shark?
#: burr...
!: A nurse shark! Get it!!??
#: I don't get it...
by Insufficient Postage February 17, 2006
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A phrase that can be used in almost any sentance and has multiple meanings. It can be used eps. when talking in a funny voice, or if your name is Austin.
I was pubbing with some nubs, when mom walked in and brought me the j33t3st cookies from my cookie jar and she left get it.
by Austin's mom March 23, 2005
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