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A woman's genitals, namely because fisting her is like reaching into a cookie jar.
Ooh, busted. He got his hands caught in her cookie jar.
by Corban March 05, 2005
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n. F.G term for the vagina.
She got pissed when he stuck his roagie in her cookie-jar.
by Rolls May 29, 2005
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adj. An attractive young lady who is not intelligent, alluding to the idea that a cookiejar can be pretty, but is ultimately empty of anything of substance.
-Dude, did you see that blonde, she's a bombshell!

-Yea, man, but she's a total cookiejar.
by Brian Ritchie May 06, 2007
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aka "cj", "cookie"

a man who allows his French food obsessed girlfriend to insert cookies into his anus as a form of intimacy and/or as a way to induce a bowel movement
I love Kwitchee so much, I think I'll be her cookie jar tonight. Who knows, it might even help me poop more than once a week.
by kwitchee March 06, 2010
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