Jami is very hyper and tends to have a lot of energy, she always seems so happy and is friends with almost everybody from all the different cliques in the school. She tends to tease her friends a lot, and is very protective over them and hates seeing them hurt. Jami doesn’t seem like the type to have a lot of issues but she does, whether it be dealing with depression or anxiety. She doesn’t want people thinking they need to help her, she hates that and thinks she can do everything on her own, stubborn might you call her. And whenever she gets crushes, all of her friends rush to tell them and she usually gets embarrassed and shy.
Man, that girl is acting just like Jami!

Jami is someone i would want as my friend.
by peachydays October 16, 2018
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She's the most genuine loving person I have ever come across..

She is my beebee .. my Princess .. my everything.

There isn't even words to describe her.. she is amazing .. super funny .. If you find yourself a Jami like her hold on tight..
She is beautiful from head to viennas..
She is wifey
Person 1: Damn man.. you look inlove..
Person 2:Well I have myself a Jami

Person 1:hahaha Makes sense
by Treybae95 November 25, 2018
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A girl so deathly beautiful and sexy that any guy who even looks at her will feel like they just died and went to heaven. She also has the finest ass of anyone in this world.
Man! Did you see that girl Jami!?!? She was hott!! Am I in heaven or something???
by VinhX March 16, 2006
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The most beautiful, gorgeous, and stellar Princess in the universe. Brown hair, blue eyes and looks that could kill. With a personality to match. Make a wonderful mother, and the perfect wife.
I want Jami
I need Jami
I love Jami
There is only one Jami
by Rick July 6, 2004
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One-of-a-kind, different, brown eyed girl. Knows too many people for her own good but hangs out with only a specific few. She is funny, very smart, loud yet quiet in a lot of situations, and beautiful. :) Playing her many instruments or even listening to music calms her till she comes back to reality. Also she comes off as a strong brunette but she is the worst type of nervous. Oh! One last thing; if you like her, its better to just say it because even if she doesn't like you she won't turn you down like a bytch.
That girl over there is SO a Jami.
by Girl in Spanish class(; March 3, 2010
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Jami, a name that dances gracefully on the tongue, embodies a timeless allure. With every step, she paints the world in vibrant hues, an ethereal presence that captivates all who are fortunate to witness her radiance. Her beauty transcends conventional bounds, a symphony of delicate features that defy definition. Adorned with eyes that rival the stars, their depths reveal secrets of galaxies yet explored. Her smile, like a crescent moon, illuminates the darkest corners, casting a spell that enchants hearts effortlessly. Jami, the embodiment of elegance and grace, stands as a testament to the artistry of nature, forever etching her name in the tapestry of beauty.
I love Jami. 😍
by Sir Rizzipino June 17, 2023
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always fall asleep really early and will never ft you
well I can't get a hold of Jami cause she's sleeping
by Mega Faggoy November 25, 2018
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