A intelligents guy name, very smart, nice, shy and scared of people. He loves his family and school. Very caring full person. He is also a die hart sports fan. He loves sports than any other person
I would love to be a gerti
by Germi March 15, 2018
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A talking computer in the 2009 movie "Moon". Voiced by Kevin Spacey.
Sam: You need to get laid.
I'm going to go back to work.

by Jimmy Man December 17, 2010
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she is a nice caring person as long as u down for her like she is for you then you ain't got no issue.
Gertie is the type of girl whos been through a lot her childhood life, so in that case, I would be straight up with her cause she knows how to fight so just don't fuck with her.
omg, I heard Gertie smokes weed "Gertie walks toward the girl who is talking shit " and she bops the girl right in the face. Don't fuck with Gertie or any of the CARDONAS periodt .
by Gertie cardona November 12, 2019
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The word you use to describe something that’s a little weird but also kinda cool.
Person 1: “Hey so what’re you studying here?”
Person 2: “Astrobiology with a minor in bagpiping
Person 1: “Damn, both pretty gerty bro nice, haven’t met anyone else doing those”
by CalimochoSunrise August 21, 2020
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A long bout of dry heaving where the green bile known as GERD is vomited up instead, usually resulting in missing work.
I got so tanked last night I pulled, a Gerty all morning.
by Ryanyoho December 8, 2011
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1 gerty equals 5.9742 × 1024 kilograms
by tyyrel March 24, 2006
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