1 definition by Mr.Mackem

Usually a person who believes they are from the city of Newcastle but are infact from outlining areas such as Gateshead, Hexham and the like. These 'plastic' Geordies tend to believe they are at the top of the social scale but are in fact in the middle of the social security benefit queue. Often found in Netto or more notably Greggs upon where they feed they offspring large quantities of baked pastry goods, children are usually christened "Keegen" or "Bobby" or "Alan" regardless of their sex, this is due to their Mother and Fathers (and in many cases 'Uncle Steve' and Uncle "Jeff" and 'wor Bobbies da") lifelong devotion to Newcastle United, despite never actually being anywhere near the stadium, but the 9 kids are dressed head to foot in Black and White replica kit 7 days a week.
"Hov corse ham a Geordie man like man, me da used ta drink Broon Ale and me ma uste te werk in Fennnikks man"
by Mr.Mackem January 10, 2006