a euphamism of knob, dick, wanker, wank shaft, faggot
dude you are such a god damn geordie
by synen March 01, 2005
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Often employed by the Samaritans to converse with potential suicidals. With their cheeky wit and incomprehensible tongue, many authorities have praised the Geordies for declining annual suicide figures.
Screech: So you're a Geordie? And a Samaritan? Praise be to God.
by Cobs July 20, 2003
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inhabitants of North Eastern England and their Dialect
the dialect is the oldest from of continually used English in the world
totally unintelligable to anyone else.
you thought Jamaican patois was weird try geordie
"eee a divvent knaa if am gonna gan doon ta watch the footbaall the neet'

tanslates as: hmm i dont know i am going to watch the football tonight
by bigmeuprudeboy September 10, 2003
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A person who is originally from Newcastle, a city in the North East of England, but who also lives anywhere within the Tyneside area. They are known for their very distinctive accent, being die-hard Newcastle United fans and for their ability to consume vast quantities of alcohol. They also known for being quite friendly, approachable and charitable. They are absolutely not to be confused with "Chavs", but this happens frequently as a result of false stereotypes concocted by prejudiced Southerners. According to anyone south of Manchester, Geordies are poorly educated Neanderthals with a severe speech disorder who lives off benefits, gets drunk all day at the tax payers expense, have foul mannerisms, lives only for football and can be found in council flats - which describes Chavs perfectly, but not Geordies (unless they are Geordie Chavs).

Geordies are also known for their mastery in manual labour (i.e. construction, steel and ship building) or engineering. Newcastle was once devoted to ship building and various areas in Tyneside were known for heavy manufacturing and mining. Various world class colleges, universities and cultural venues exist in the Tyneside area today, drawing much tourism and revenue from education. Newcastle University is one of the UK's most highly ranked universities for medicine, mechanic and civil engineering and naval architecture. Geordies like Cheryl Coal, Bobby Robson and Mike Ashley stand as cultural icons.
I've lived in Newcastle all me life and am a Geordie.
by Mr-Brit October 02, 2016
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A friendly, loud being from the north-east of england. Namely, newcastle. Geordies are often proud of their homeland, not to be confused with Sunderland or Gateshead. They support the toon/black and white army, formally known as Newcastle United Football Club.

The Average Geordie-

1. Starts drinking at eleven. (the age, not the time)
2. Is friendly towards people of a different hometown.
3. Is part-scottish or at least knows someone who is.
4. Male geordies tend to watch, attend or listen to the match. The females will also watch, attend or listen to the match, but prefer to go shopping in town where if you listen , you can hear the crowds reactions. Others are forced into watching the match on tv.
5. Geordies use and love 'the metty' (metro) Younger geordies go on metty mish's. No respectable Geordie pays to use the Metro.
6. Know's how to speak Geordie, even if they don't speak it normally.
7. Geordies greet each other with the term 'Alreeeet'
Typical Geordie Conversation:

Geordie One: Alreet?
Geordie Two: Aye, hows yoursel' ?
Geordie One: Am mint, man. Areya gan doon toon t' watch the toon ?
Geordie Two: Naa, am gan oot ona Metty Mish wi' me mates
Geordie One: Shame that, like. S'ment t'be wicked ya narr
*breif football banter*
Geordie Two: Reet am off.
Geordie One: Ta'ra mate.
by H.Hobnob September 09, 2007
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A different spelling of Jordy. Possibly the best way to spell the name, but definantly not as cool as the REAL Geordies. I'm sure as hell moving there.
Teach: Do you go by Jordan?
Me: Nope. Jordy.
Teach: How do you spell that?
Me: J-O-R-D-Y.
Teach: (slam pencil!!) How do you really spell it??
Me: (confused) Um.. G-E-O-R-D-I-E?
Teach: That's better...
by Jord---- Mike March 14, 2005
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A person who comes from Newcastle. Probably most famous for saying "way hay man" a lot. Known for there scottish sound-a-like accent. Also known as wannabe scousers.
"Ant & Dec"

"am not scared of that geordie gas bag"
by Ant101 May 18, 2008
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