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Thats a wrap, as in when movie directors say "its a wrap" also "Dats a wrap" , "Your a wrap" meaning you are no longer a meaning in that persons life
"Dats a wrap my friend" "Dats a wrap for you"
by Missy March 7, 2005
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it is obvious that scotty has got it
ex.- maybe scotty got ass.. a new car?.. who knows, the possibilities are endless for scotty and his gottness.
by Missy August 3, 2003
A complete tosser who lives in the biggest s**t hole on the south coast, and possibly Britain, where the women wish they could be slags but will never get the chance because they all look like fat men, and all the men look and sound like pikeys.
"If only I wasn't such a butch scummer and had been born slightly further along the coast! Then I'd get a bloke for sure! And a decent looking one at that!"
by Missy April 10, 2005
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the air in a room or bar in which there are cigarette smokers present.
The smokemosphere in this room is so thick that we should open a window.
by Missy June 28, 2004
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A super silly flute player who's pretty insane and is most likely going to end up in a mental hospital.
We need to put you in a Sonia home
by Missy November 15, 2003
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John: Ayo, Kiki sux me off
Kiki: Whateva
by Missy January 9, 2004
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a nasty ass girl who fucks wit every nigga in the same crew and doesn't care
Damn you cool wit Bianca, i hope not nigga dat bitch is a sliggity and a half
by Missy January 9, 2004
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