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I can not party late tonight because I am a potfessional and I have to get up early to go to work.
by Missy October 13, 2009
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(n) group of animals that live in one's pubic area
There are constant battles b/w edwin the snapping turtle and xena the chinchilla in zollo's pubic zoo
by Missy November 24, 2002
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an uber gearhead. an extreme version of a nerd.
chris wants to program your computer instead of taking you to dinner? what a nerdle!
by Missy May 05, 2005
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it is obvious that scotty has got it
ex.- maybe scotty got ass.. a new car?.. who knows, the possibilities are endless for scotty and his gottness.
by Missy August 02, 2003
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A complete tosser who lives in the biggest s**t hole on the south coast, and possibly Britain, where the women wish they could be slags but will never get the chance because they all look like fat men, and all the men look and sound like pikeys.
"If only I wasn't such a butch scummer and had been born slightly further along the coast! Then I'd get a bloke for sure! And a decent looking one at that!"
by Missy April 10, 2005
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