Sean bragged to his friends for finally making it to home base.
by Elisa January 12, 2004
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The fourth and final base in baseball (rounders in England). Getting to home base without stopping or being caught out is called a home run.
He needed to pee so bad, he ran so fast, reached home base, and ran straight to the bathroom.
by Haddock March 30, 2005
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"The act of staying home (vs. going out) to share experiences with family and friends—as in staying in is the new going out. "

A new trend due to the rise of in-home tech like Alexa and Netflix, in-home delivery like Seamless and Blue Apron—cooking night is the new date night, etc.
We're home-basing this weekend
The new home-basing trend
by sailingchance November 11, 2018
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reaching home base or fourth base is consumating the relationship by having sex, making love or fucking.
"We finally reached home base last night! Thankfully he had a condom on him because we were so horny we couldn't wait any longer"
by Little Blue Patakha January 16, 2003
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Home base is the person you are always going to come home to, the person you feel the most comfortable with and will always be with
Sergio isn't going to cheat on his girl because he knows she's home base
by liquorish January 14, 2021
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The act of being at, going to, home.
I was looking for Sash so I called her on her mobile thinkin she was out but when I asked her where she was she was home base.
by CazzaB January 4, 2006
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