31 definitions by Flip

1) Best kind of fan in the NBA
2) Think the Spurs are the best because the fucked up the lakers 4-peat
3) Made Kobe cry and say he would "work himself to exaustion"
Spurs fans laughed thier asses off when the Lakers cried after they lost to the Spurs.
by Flip October 27, 2004
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A prime example of a MILF. Truly amazing, a dream of mine in the flesh.
I saw lucka's mom's bush, and it was an instant hard-on.
by Flip August 5, 2004
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Black people mall. Everybody there is black.
"Have you ever been to the Mall of Memphis?"
by Flip September 14, 2004
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A company producing dubs, famous among rappers.
by Flip October 5, 2003
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1.) To lurk around or conspiciously prowl.

2.) To be constantly "Bout it" or willing to fight.
1. Jamal lokked around the co'na sto'
a. Jamal was lokkin around the sto'.

2. Im a lokked out gangsta..
by Flip November 6, 2004
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A skateboarding stance, if you put your left foot at the front of the board, and push with your right foot, your stance is Regular. Ta-Da.
by Flip February 2, 2004
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Kindest way to say "fat."
Katie is a plus-size model because she's fat but would be attractive if she wasn't.
by Flip April 26, 2004
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