a compound of high molecular weight derived either by the addition of many smaller molecules, as polyethylene, or by the condensation of many smaller molecules with the elimination of water, alcohol, or the like, as nylon.
a compound formed from two or more polymeric compounds.
a product of polymerization.
crap sucks man polymer
by Ectobiologist33 April 7, 2014
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A non-gendered adjective for one's partner in a relationship based on polyamory or non-monogamy. It is used in place of boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, and even partner, to show that you are taken, but not exclusively.

It can be used in conjunction with "primary" or "secondary" just as you would one of the previous alternatives.
"My polymate and I are going on a vacation together soon. We've been together for 16 months now."

"Oh, that's awesome. I hope the two of you have fun. Are you bringing your other girlfriend?"
by vectorized August 5, 2016
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A variant of the American term, 'stacking paper.' For use in countries where paper bank notes have been replaced with more durable plastic notes. The term polymer is a reference to the chemical structure of plastics. See also stacking paper to the ceiling.
Friend - "Hey Bro, how's the new job going?"

Ruggedly Handsome Person - "Awesome, I'm stacking polymer and getting hoes."
by ElitistPirate January 10, 2011
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when one pours molten hot plastic on their genetalia when having sex
i convinced shelly to polymer fuck herself for a 2-sack
by Mr. Klubb March 11, 2008
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Biology (n): When monomers combined using dehydration synthesis to create a bio molecule or macromolecule.

Probably using this word to sound intellectual.
Sam: " Hey Mrs.Biology, can I go to the restroom?
Mrs.Biology: "I don't know. Can you?"
Sam "Polymerization!"
Mrs.Biology: "OK, Go!"
by Definer_Explainer December 15, 2014
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A complex algorithm that is often associated with the Marina Web (Level 5 Web); needed to access said web. The Marina Web is the deepest part of the internet and is only rumored to exist. (It has been said that 80% of the Internet exists here.) It has been called the "Vatican Secret Archives" of the web. Containing archives of Historical documents, Government secrets, plans, records, ETC... However the computing power/knowledge needed to process and compute the algorithm is quantum computing. Which is still in its early stages and takes use of the quantum-mechanical phenomena. Many often write it off as a hoax however no evidence proofing or dis-proofing exists. An anomaly was discovered by super deep web scans in the early 2000's.
by 11.3500° N, 142.2000° E February 24, 2015
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