22 definitions by CS

"Fuck off you cretin! You're just a waste of space!"
by CS January 10, 2004
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ur just a dumb mother fuckin du bag nobody cares about you
by CS March 12, 2005
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Not a diety, but still worshipped by many
All the Lewisites went to the temple...
by CS December 11, 2003
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Jeff experienced much jakha when he walked in on his girlfriend sucking another man
by CS December 4, 2003
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A postive word used when people get on well with eachother and therefore connect.
"Me and Paul get on well. We gel."
by CS January 8, 2004
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To begin foreplay, sex...
Usually in association with cutting all the stupid games and getting straight onto some physical action.
by CS January 9, 2004
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