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A person so useless on this planet that the mere fact of them breathing is a waste of oxygen.
"Shut up you fat, lazy, good for nothin, motherfuckin oxygen thief!"
by CS January 09, 2004

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To begin foreplay, sex...
Usually in association with cutting all the stupid games and getting straight onto some physical action.
"C'mon baby, let's get down!"
by CS January 08, 2004

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Reference to a female's butt when she's got a fine, ample behind (when a girl's got 'back').
"Dat gal had one fine back off!"
by CS January 08, 2004

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A postive word used when people get on well with eachother and therefore connect.
"Me and Paul get on well. We gel."
by CS January 08, 2004

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Someone not very bright.
"What a dim fool."
by CS January 08, 2004

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Someone whose well thin and don't look good for it.
"Uuughh, she's too marga, man!"
by CS January 07, 2004

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the absolute best band ever. much better then the beatles or zeppelin, even tho they all kick ass. floyd is obviously better tho (their getting not just their name in the rock & roll hall of fame, their getting an entire wing WTF!!!) best band ever. much better then wut people think, forget DSOTM and the wall for a monment and just listen to More or Atom Heart Mother or Saucer full of Secrets---Best band ever, NO exceptions
Pink Floyd kicks ass-and i totally agree with zeppelin, hats off to harper, without roy harper there would be no "have a cigar", why u may ask, cause he sung it, in fact he was the only person other then someone from the band to sing in a PF song - PF kicks ass
by CS March 11, 2005

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