You would call someone a "Silly Goose" when they're being silly.
"You're a Silly Goose, Skeppy."
by Lovely Melodie August 11, 2020
A word you use when you see your girlfriend in a very hot and spicy valentines outfit.
"yeah, yeah, yeah. You silly goose. You're so silly"
by shawtyslayer March 5, 2021
Someone who is silly and goose-like.
Me: Lola! She's so silly and she's so goose-like. Do you know what that means?
Mom: she's a silly goose!
by AxFxB August 29, 2017
A guy that never tries to get with hot chicks that are into him or a guy that does something stupid for no reason.
That Baby blank is a silly goose for not getting with that hot chick
by Tubleez December 24, 2008
When someone moves their hand against the underside of your chin in a swift motion unexpectedly. Almost as if using the "Fuck You" motion in Italian.

Jason: Watch out for Rob, he's going on a Silly Goose spree.

Will: He already got me twice! Being SILLY Goosed gives you an awkward feeling afterward.

Jason: IKR.
by Ital.Stallion January 25, 2009
On Easter, I had a whole box of silly gooses, and the sugar rush made me bounce off the walls
by 3X DDD December 8, 2003
When someone does something to make you giggle, you call them this.
Oh Jimmy, you're such a silly goose!
by Holla Back! January 27, 2003