Also gesumph or gesumpf, said to have come into the British property business from the second-hand car trade in the 1970s. originally means to swindle, cheat or steal, now means to outbid (peculiar to the English and Welsh housing market). Ultimately derived from a German word meaning to put into a swamp or, in the modern idiom, to dump in the shit. first recorded in English in 1928
the bastards gazumped me
by klidenengro January 30, 2004
1) To be ripped off by a greedy real estate agent. Usually when the price for
real estate or land is raised to a higher price than was verbally agreed on before.

2) The sound made by two Hippopotamuses fucking in a swamp.
1) I got gazumped when I tried to buy that house - after we agreed on a price, they changed the contract.

2) I saw a documentary about hippos gazumping each other..
by Googles January 18, 2004
Teacher: Where's your homework???
Student 1: Didn't wanna do it.
Student 2: GAZUMP!
by TJTabern November 9, 2010
To buy something already promised to some one else.
Person 1: I'll take that off you for 50 bucks.
Person 2: Sure, but I gotto warn you, you're gonna gazump! It was promised for Selena!
by PandaGirl xox May 30, 2016
The term used when one has been waiting a while to use the toilet for a shit, but when he/she goes to the toilet, there is already someone using it, usually having a shit.

The word gazumped comes from the real estate and property market.
Ross- I've been waiting all morning to take a mega poo and when i got to the toilet, there was already someone there taking a shit!

Yash- Oh man! You've been Dump Gazumped!
by SCbear April 13, 2010
(v.) (electronic gazumping) The act of sneakily outbidding someone on a timed internet auction. To e-gazump on e-bay, it is advised you wait until there is a mere 60 seconds left to bid (Refresh the page with the F5 button until you see the clock hit under 1 min) then place your bid. You should still have 10-20 seconds left when finished, which is usually not enough time for any other bidders to gazump you, since it is a timed auction.
Motherfucker! I got e-gazumped for a toilet seat that John Lennon used in 1978. The guy who wanted also placed a bid for the jar of Tom Cruise's snot and a SNES. I think I'll push the bidding up on those and spam his email addy.
by kung-fu jesus September 25, 2004