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Also gesumph or gesumpf, said to have come into the British property business from the second-hand car trade in the 1970s. originally means to swindle, cheat or steal, now means to outbid (peculiar to the English and Welsh housing market). Ultimately derived from a German word meaning to put into a swamp or, in the modern idiom, to dump in the shit. first recorded in English in 1928
the bastards gazumped me
by klidenengro January 30, 2004
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1) To be ripped off by a greedy real estate agent. Usually when the price for
real estate or land is raised to a higher price than was verbally agreed on before.

2) The sound made by two Hippopotamuses fucking in a swamp.
1) I got gazumped when I tried to buy that house - after we agreed on a price, they changed the contract.

2) I saw a documentary about hippos gazumping each other..
by Googles January 17, 2004
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Teacher: Where's your homework???
Student 1: Didn't wanna do it.
Student 2: GAZUMP!
by TJTabern November 09, 2010
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To buy something already promised to some one else.
Person 1: I'll take that off you for 50 bucks.
Person 2: Sure, but I gotto warn you, you're gonna gazump! It was promised for Selena!
by PandaGirl xox May 30, 2016
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