Not completely gay / noticibly feminine, but not known to be homosexual

2004- Mikey to Brian
So he has a man-purse, but likes football... i'd say hes gayish
by Brian November 6, 2004
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someone is acting or being gay but its not really gay just kind of gay
Her profile is gayish
by yoyogangster June 27, 2006
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An action or word expressed causing people to think that someone is a gay.

About to gay
He is not gay but gayish.
by elendilllw September 25, 2008
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A person who is both gay and Jewish.
Republican Presidential Candidate Fred Karger, who is running as the first opening candidate for President, is also Jewish, so he is Gayish.
by MacsTheKnief January 12, 2012
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Someone who is slightly gay, who acts camp. They may be too young to realise they are actually gay.
Jeff is gayish, he plays footy like a ballerina.
by essexgal December 17, 2004
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1. Acting like a homosexual
2. Doing something in a way that a homosexual would do
by The Professor April 1, 2003
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a term used by people who want to make a homophobic remark but think "gay" is too politically incorrect, and therefore add "ish" to it to make it sound softer.
For examples, see all other entries for "gayish" .
by thunder_liger February 27, 2018
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