The process in which a gay guy nails the sweet tight ass of another male, gay or not
S-Man Jared gay fucked the whit out of me last night
H-You gay man?
S-Nah just horny as hell
H-Ah well maybe later we can do some hot gay fucking
by hornymanjerkingnow January 6, 2014
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a saying used to insult another person
for example: bitch ass
by joannapanties December 28, 2007
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An act of penetrating the butt hole by one gay guy to another gay guy
Did you hear, Brian and William were alone together last night and they had a night of gay fuck.
by Moe February 12, 2004
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fucking aeroplanes that are gay, but this is not a bad thing, for being gay is fucking awesome and y'all should try it. gay fucking aeroplanes are the best fucking aeroplanes.
Byornj: "I just saw some gay fucking aeroplanes go by! How snazzy!"
by gayfuckingaeroplanemaster January 29, 2021
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A Ben-Gay Fuck is when a cadet gets fucked in his boy-hole by another cadet who uses Ben-Gay for a lube.
Matt gave me a Ben-Gay Fuck -- talk about a hot fuck!
by USAF Cadet October 19, 2020
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Refers to the attitude or personalities of the cast of the jersey shore.
That "the sittuation" guy is gay as fuck
by The Edukated Won August 5, 2011
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1. the gayest anything could be

2. the most gay in the world
1. A Geogre Michael Elton John and Dave Furnish sandwich

2. You're 'gay as fuck'
by lolipop June 17, 2006
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