It is kind of coffee mostly used in Australia and New Zealand. It is similar to an Americano
Long black coffee is 120 to 180mls of water with an espresso.
by peacefulness December 1, 2013
When a black guy with at least a 10in penis cums on a German girl's face and says I surrender
I gave this nazi hoe a long Black French Espresso
by Cellucci December 8, 2018
A nickname for a Hearse/Funeral Coach, usually said in the Southern parts of the USA.
"Well, Grandma just took her final ride in the long black Cadillac. We sure are gonna miss her."
by Thefirkman May 15, 2021
When an African American male named Hary does not shave his pubic region.
Damn Hary, My African American friend, you do not shave your pubic hairs. Some say you have a long hary black penis.
by Sir wanks a lot June 3, 2019