First man to bring prostitution to the US
Also a huge party held once a year.
Dude did you go to Tom Jones?
by Tennyson May 3, 2005
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a very good artist who is loved by all gangstas g's such as 50 cent and snoop dog are all to be qouted as saying 'any1 hu does not lyk the rhymes of tom jones is no gangsta because he is ill.
has come up with ryhms such as its not unusual, sex bomb, and the ultimate gangsta tune of you can leave your hat on
gangsta elder: listen to the bars of master Tom Jones and you will become a true gansta my son
younger gangsta:ok blud hold tyt down south ill listen to this g in between my drive-by and my nightly routine of muggin people and shouting TZ TZ blud yh u get me
gangsta elder:yes u learn quick my son

TZ= terror zone a gay bar in mitcham also a gang full of gays
by deane October 15, 2007
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some singer dude that my dad threw his underwear at for a good laugh on a business trip, lol. True story! It was the night I was born, no joke.
Tom Jones was part of my birth story. xD
by Starchiiild Nirvana. August 10, 2009
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Extremely hungry / extreme hunger.
I have not eaten since breakfast. Tom Jones na ko!
by Terpits August 9, 2007
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A man who cheats so much it causes his or wife or girlfriend to lose their mind. Coined after the famous Welsh singer and ladies man, Tom Jones, whose wife became shattered by her husband’s numerous infidelities.
“He did a Tom Jones on her.”

“How’s Jane”
“Well Sam did a Tom Jones on her, she is now fragile as glass, and won’t even go out in public.”

Tarnower pulled a Tom Jones on Jean Harris, and she ended up pulling a trigger.

My mom had a nervous breakdown after my dad pulled a Tom Jones on her.
by literary.muse September 2, 2010
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very famous singer originating from the popular comic series of team fortress 2. later, a phoney would go on to impersonate him in the real world. hey may or may not be scouts dad.

his life began by being born, where he later wrote his hit song: sex bomb. after writing it, however, he needed a house, so he got a roommate with merasmus, the great and powerful sorcerer (after being born only 12 seconds ago) when soilder broke his neck to get back at merasmus, and to entertain the group of elderly women he took. when he went to heaven, he went to take a shower, and was killed again by an angel so scout didnt see he died. no one knows what happened next
i dont really know how to fit tom jones into a sentence
by potato-lord-69420 October 28, 2021
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