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Really loose, flowing pants for girls that stop at the knees and look like skirts, but are really tight in the ass, so you can see the individual cheeks. Usually made of a poly/spandex blend.
"Those gauchos you have on reveal your ass-crack. You might wanna fix that."
by GiGoLoMoFo March 15, 2006
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Person from deep south Brazil, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Gauchos are very stand-apart people to the Brazilian standarts, being well-known for their separatism tendences, peculiar accent (interestingly, either loved or hated, but never ignored), and overall very distinctive personality.

Gauchos are normally much quieter and more introspective than the ever-smiling, loud and joyful people from southeast (especially Rio de Janeiro) and northeast Brazil - these, the internationally known "Brazilian standart" -, what leads them to be compared with the generally cold and dark-mooded European people.

Gaúchas (women from the Rio Grande do Sul) are very acknowledged for their distinctive beauty. Most brazilian top models are from the Rio Grande do Sul, including the contemporany World biggest top model, Gisele Bündchen.
He needn't say where he's from - once you hear his accent, you instantly realizes he's gaúcho.
by ...XeahR October 10, 2007
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Person who lives in Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil's most southern state.
Macho que é macho não leva desaforo pra casa, tchê!
by Anthony May 07, 2005
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1. The cowboys in Argentina
2. An unconfortable friend, who has questionable taste, bad manners, exposes you before your friends and undermines your social position. You wont get rid of him, dumping him near the freeway, because of course youre so fucking gay and you are banging him (or he is banging you). After a Steely Dan song, but then again, who the hell knows what they really meant?
1. Gaucho, sos un boludo ché...
2. Who is the gaucho amigo, why is he standing in your spangled-leather poncho, whith the studs that match your eyes? Bodacious cowboys, such as your friend, will never be welcome here, high in the Custerdome...
by Hugh G Rection January 27, 2005
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1. The cowboys of Argentina.
2. A person who wears western attire as a standard mode of dress.
3. A person who adds a western flair to ordinary clothes.
Most impressive poncho and Cuban heels, gaucho.

A Hugo Boss suit with a bolo tie? Spiffy, gaucho.
by rubiaK8 October 04, 2009
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The Venezula equivalent of the american ghetto. Not as tough as the favela, but you don't want to find yourself in one any more than you would a normal hood.
"Did you hear how those tourists tried walking through the Gauchos and ended up getting mugged?
"Yeah, stupid americans."
by sebacostamr August 05, 2018
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