A sissy is a biological male; who acts really feminine, slutty, horny, also really bimbo like, etc. They tend to be really submissive but not all of the time. Most sissies are into men, but some are into women, some are Bisexual or Pansexual as well. Most of them like yo play with other sissies as well. Often they are into a form of hypnosis that comes from the hypnofetish community called Sissy Hypno, the most popular of which is a series named BambiSleep that helps them to act more like a bimbo
Person 1: “Why do you dress so feminine?”
Person 2: “Because I’m a sissy bimbo
by SissyBimbo April 3, 2020
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A man/boy who likes wearin' girly clothes like panties and overknee socks.
Why are you so strange the last days?
Im a Sissy now
by RaveOP October 20, 2019
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An affectionate female nickname derived from the word sister. Sissy is a common nickname for a female sibling. It can also be a nickname given to a girl by others that she has cared for or behaved sisterly towards. The nickname implies that the girl is a sister or is regarded as such by family and friends. All in all, a sweet, caring girl :-)

See sister, sis, girl, female
Little Sis: I love you, Sissy.

Sissy: Awww, I love you too.
by Sissy September 2, 2004
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An affectionate word for a sister, or someone regarded as a sister. It can be a nickname given to someone who acts sisterly, kind, sweet, and caring.

It's also used as an affectionate word by many in the transgender community for transgender women who love being super girly, cute, and sweet a lot more than average. It can be a kink, or an interest to them.

Since it started as a word for sister it was later used as a derogatory word by sexist people that believe if you were born a guy you shouldn't be effeminate.
My lovely sissy is so sweet!
by Miss Star Child August 9, 2017
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A degrading word for a man who is feminine, might wear women’s clothes, prefers to be themselves over a stereotypical man. Probably has issues with self Image and insecurities.
Might come off weak but will most likely tell you wear to go if they must.
Bully: you see that sissy? I’m gonna call him a fagot and push him around.

Sissy: starts to cry then proceeds to knock the bully’s teeth down there through.

Female whiteness: gurl that was amazing! Don’t listen to them, your beautiful inside and out!
by Bad54 July 28, 2019
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A derogatory term used to describe a homosexual (man).

2. heterosexual man acting in a feminine way

*commonly used in the south
Guy 1: Aye bruhh you seen that gay boy with the heels on?
Guy 2: Hell nawl and I ain't trying to see that sissy either!
by She wolf June 16, 2017
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A very close and dear friend. Someone who is, or whom you consider, to be a sister. Someone who will never let you down and be by your side for life.
My sister gets mad when I call her 'sissy', but I know deep inside she loves me!
by diorznotwar June 13, 2007
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