To attack someone in a videogame with unfair odds.
"dude that guy is like 20 lvls higher than me and he just ganked me."
"theres like 6 of them and they all teamed up and ganked me."
"someone help theres a bunch of max lvls running around ganking lowbies!"
by thefatmangameguru April 24, 2013
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gang-killing in a MMORPG
GANg-Killing, hence gank.
omfg 15v1, gankzored!
by Igetgankedalot May 10, 2004
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1.) To steal, pilfer, and/or obtain without permission
2.) To injure someone intentionally, for whatever reason
Note: Can also be spoken aloud during the process of Ganking.
"That motherfucker just Ganked my shit!"
"I'ma Gank this sonofabitch!"
"Bitch, you been Ganked!" or, in the process, "Hey, is that your beer? Gank!"
by Ty December 02, 2004
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to steal, take, or borrow something that isn't yours
"Nice shirt!"
"Thanks, I ganked it from my roommate's closet this morning."
by Becca H. April 06, 2008
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When a group of people gang up on you and you get pwned. Gank gained this extra meaning during a Warcraft 3 game of DOTA Allstars when someone spelled gang bang as gank bang.
They are gonna gank me soon. I just got ganked. Look at those damn gankers, all they do is gank.
by Randy June 20, 2005
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1. to steal
2. to become intoxicated on any substance
3. to stab
1. "I ganked a soda from the store."
2. "I was so ganked last night on coffee/alcohol/marijuana/crack/heroin/etcetera."
3. "I ganked him with a shiv in the prison shower."
by InfrequentNinja March 03, 2004
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