the state of being extremely high off of marijuana, also using the word lowbies implies that you do not want people to know what you are talking about
man, i just smoked a fat blunt, im just LOWBIES
by jordan bakedman May 10, 2008
Used as a term for a low level character in MMORPGs
Me and my guild are going to gank lowbies for fun, wanna come with?
by Jason G July 11, 2005
A term used to describe a character, usually in a MMORPG, of a level that is improportional to the task at which the character is trying to take on.
These lowbies keep signing up for 20-29 Warsong Gulch at level 22! What newbs!
by Firestrikez April 25, 2006
A term meaning the equivelant of "newbie," someone who sucks at internet gaming, or the internet in general. Used commonly in World Of Warcraft.
That lowbie sucked ass.
by DirtyJim April 30, 2005