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When a bunch of horney gay old men have wrinkley hot sex.
Wow I caught my Grandfather in a lemon party.....Those old guys are fucking hardcore.
by Ajay April 17, 2005
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when two hearts become one... radhikajay means more then love...unconditional, everlasting ...4ever and ever and ever...the sweetness of happiness..the everlasting power of love...

Love feels so good, love tastes so sweet,
Love holds no bounds, it can’t be beat.

I think of you all day all night,
I think of love - - it feels so right.

When we’re apart, beyond many miles,
My heart still loves, my heart still smiles.

What can I do, what can I say,
To express this love called 4ever RADHIKAJAY.
by Ajay April 18, 2004
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A man on a mission with a Huge penis around thr 12 inch mark. A cool Fucker that bums boyz at lans. cu@wcg
that guy is an orbo wannabe.
by Ajay May 26, 2003
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gunky sort of skank...the nastiest sort of woman anyone has ever seen
say andy fool, lay off that gank!!!
by ajay March 01, 2005
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This term first surfaced in 2004, as an alternative for the word owned.
Person 1: "Hey, did you hear what happened to Jimmy?"
Person 2: "No, what?"
Person 1: "He was in shop class and a saw cut his thumb off!"
Person 2: "Oh! Scooped!"
by Ajay March 17, 2005
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Simply put.... God! Ajay is his slave.
Chella bless America
by Ajay October 09, 2003
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Some one who was almost drunk enough to have sex.. but didn't have that one shot of tequilla.
that fool over there gave me head and let me suck on her milk sacks but I just didn't seem to eneter her woopie.
by Ajay May 26, 2005
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