Term used when describing someone's behavior, also used: goose. It replaces such words as asshole, or fuckface.
That guy was being a fucking gander. or
That guy was a fucking goose.
by ballsac October 05, 2003
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1. A term known to many hard alcohol drinkers, which means a "taste" or a "small amount" of a drink.

2. (Gandered) Description of someone who has had too much to drink
1. He just took a gander straight out of that bottle of Jack Daniels

2. After drinking the whole 18 pack of beer, Paul was gandered out
by Franuel Adams July 18, 2006
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Hey I was hanging out with this girl last night and she ended up giving me a and my friend a gander
by Rahshsh July 18, 2018
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1. To get screwed by someone or something.
2. To take a turn at something.
1. Dang it! I just got gandered by that midterm...
2. Dude... let me get a gander next at smash melee.
by Juicy Jayy February 11, 2016
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