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European car manufacturer, pretty much the main branch of GM in Europe along with Saab and Isuzu.

Also known as Vauxhall in the UK, Holden in Australia and Chevrolet in South America. (the Chevy models are slightly different, such as estate and saloon versions of the Corsa, which aren't available in Europe.)

They make almost any type of car and is mainly aimed at the middle-class, along with Ford. Despite the shit reputation it seems to have on here, they do make some decent looking cars, such as the Vectra and their sports car, the VX220. They aren't rust-on-wheels anymore like they were 20 years ago.

Some Opel cars also make it into America every now and again, such as the Sintra, a total failure of a people carrier in Europe but is doing remarkably well under three different brands in America.
Astra - small family car
Vectra - repmobile
Vivaro - Transit equivalent
Corsa - hatchback
Zafira - people carrier
Frontera - SUV
VX220 - sports coupe
by DCI May 1, 2005
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A useless lesson that is compulsory for all students in the UK up until age 16. The lesson consists of participating in sports and activities, such as football, badminton and cross-country.

The lesson isn't even worth anything and is mostly utilised to curb the supposedly growing amounts of fat, unfit little shits of our generation.

What's even worse is a GCSE (and also A-Level) qualification in PE. This is really nothing more than a tiny part of Biology and is only good for becoming a PE teacher, so you can teach more misguided fools how to become PE teachers, and so on. It's a rather dull cycle.
Most students are forced to play sports that they are not interested in, and are no good at. Combine these "useless" players with football geeks and you get a lot of bullying and harassment in PE, over nothing. This is more prevalent in America however, where social classes (such as those jock shitheads) are much more apparent.

Most schools have two hours/lessons of PE a week, but some, such as the prison known as Wreake Valley only have one.
by DCI May 1, 2005
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Only EA could come up with something as retarded as "GoldenEye: Rogue Agent".
"Wow, the newest Bond game has JAWS!!!!!11OMGWTF"
by DCI September 8, 2004
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I can't believe people are still ranting on about the N-Gage = Taco thing. Yeah, that was funny, for about five minutes.
The N-Gage is actually quite a capable, but flawed console. It's really not as hated as most people would like to think, i've seen many people at school who were never interested in the GBA own a N-Gage.
by DCI October 2, 2004
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I suggest that all you losers who orgasm over Halo 2 go and hang yourselves. I've never seen so many people go so mental over a videogame. jesus
Halo 2 is a highly-overrated first person shooter from Bungie, and a sequel to another highly overrated game, Halo.
by DCI November 22, 2004
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A UK chat community populated by losers looking for a date over the internet, or people who spend every waking hour of their life talking to their buddies who they have never met. To add insult to injury the actual chat client is the buggiest piece of shit I have ever used. It makes getting into your desired chatroom an absolute chore due to the glitchy 20-user limit. (for example, if you can't get into a chatroom because it's full, then it suddenly drops, you still can't get in because it's broken)

The true geeks buy into FP's "Cool Tools", a small upgrade to FP accounts where you can use new icons, see who rated you a gimp, etc. Only the biggest idiot will actually use these tools to good effect - it's a chatroom, I really could care less about what icon I have next to my name. If I want my own icon and customized profile i'll just log onto AIM, thank you very much.
neo_tranz: well no id rather not waste my breathe...but thanks
bert_sykes2: breath?
bert_sykes2: it's a chatroom
bert_sykes2: you type
bert_sykes2: you don't speak
neo_tranz: how clever of u to notice
by DCI December 17, 2004
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A place full of losers who piss and moan about spelling mistakes and grammar (although half the time when they refer to "grammar", they really mean spelling)

Also the game boards are populated with more losers who blindly defend the respective game, and automatically label any dissenters fanboys/trolls. (anyone who doesn't like GoldenEye: Rogue Agent is automatically labelled a GoldenEye or Halo fanboy for example) Anyone who doesn't particularly like whatever game the board is based on is automatically a troll and must be banned.
GoldenEye: Rogue Agent boards at GameFAQs. There was one topic on there where the starter explained his reasons for disliking Rogue Agent. The whole thing was completely thrown off topic because of a couple of people who couldn't get over the fact that he didn't use capitals - they thought this was "bad grammar".
by DCI December 6, 2004
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