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A shitty excuse for comedy intended to be a parody of
wikipedia.The people who type definitions there are /b/tards that got
banned from 4chan and now spend their time typing definitions that are really no funnier than carlos mencia. (a comedian that uses the same kind of humor as them, they defined his show as racist and they defined his comedy as being a sad atemte at TRYING to be edgy and offencive which is ironic becouse thats exactly what their doing)It should be advised that you ignore this shity web site and try some thing diffrent.
OMGLOL encyclopediadramatica.com is lik teh uber awesome,
it is definently home to the elite.....elite my ass.
by lostandfound June 1, 2007
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One of the most irritating places on the web.The reson?
well, if you have ass kissing points below
30(aka karma) normal users assume your a dumbass and treat you like shit,even if your just asking a simple question and arnt trying to troll. This is becouse most people there tend to be very elitist. People also have an annoying
tendency to bitch and complain about simple spelling errors, (like spelling ganon with two n's instead of one) while completly ignorring the tc's topic. their are also a shit load of annoying fanboys that get pissed off over very trivial things (like not likeing there show) and like to debate on dumb things like who could win in a fight between monkey D. luffy and sora.(note that said topics only lead to flame wars). So if your a normal person with a real life and you like to play video games just go the gamefaqs for the faqs and avoid the hell hole message boards.
topic from GameFAQs Message Boards normal person: are they realy makeing a Tales of Symphoneia anime?

elitist gamefaqer 1: you stupid noob! symPHONia doen't have an e in it, lol.

elitist gamefaqer 2: yeah! learn to spell, retard!

annoying fanboy: rofl,we've all known about it for a year,

normal person: ooookay... can any one answer my question?
by lostandfound May 23, 2007
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