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A pretentious term used by people who honestly believe using numbers to write words is still as cool now, as it was when the running man was considered a great dance move. Used to half-assedly insult a person who annoys the user without the necessary thought that usually goes into such a response.
In other words you don't actually need to think of a response as long as you just throw "n00b" into a five crap lines that usually break the rules of a forum anyway.

More often than not the user is often far worse than those they use it on.
*boy that guy's lame...I'm totally gonna tell him off.
"That'll learn 'em to goof off on UltimateSpaceFragOmniMercsElite.com This place for serious discussions on "fragging zombies in space with half naked women..."
*....now where's my penis pump and a my sweet-assed pic of Samus Aran bending over to tie her space boot.....*
by FlowersInMidgar September 29, 2006
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Occupation: Elitist Nerd/Moderator/Know-it-all Douchebag
Physical Description:
A piece of shit between two slices of crap.

- Inability to carry on an adult conversation with anyone, over any subject, at any point in time.
- Constant Sand-in-Vagina.
- Punctuates every statement with a concentrated burst of CrackPr0nium, a horrid combination of arrogance, close-mindedness, hypocrisy and fecal matter.
- Unprofessional moderation that makes the mods at GameFAQ's look like the moderators at anywhere but GameFAQs.
- Followed by a loyal (but very small) group of assholes who constantly defend the horrid orgy of piss and stank that is CP's personality

SN analysis:
- Usage of word "Crack"
Borderline retarded, if this were 1996 when "crack" was still fresh. Now it's beyond gay.
- Usage of word "porn"
Cool, if you ask a 12 year old. To everyone else, it's beyond "crack".
- Usage of internets misspelling "pron"
So stupid, that the first two instances are actually elevated to a level that one may view safely without a eBullshit filter.
CrackPr0n is to: Moderating
Monkey is to: Building a time machine out of bananas and crap.
by FlowersInMidgar January 9, 2007
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Blu-Ray Player/Game System/Cash Sink

Cost of average Blu-Ray player:
Cost of average game console:
Cost of PS3 (combine Blue-ray cost to console cost and then read)

Think about that. "It's cheap for what you get."
...and you get what you pay for.

My point is: You're not getting a Blu-Ray player for 600 bucks. You're getting it for considerably less after you factor in all the other parts. More like $300-400. and that leaves the game system coming in at 200-300 dollars.

How good do you think a 300-400 dollar blu-ray player is going to be? If not? How cheaply made is the gaming system?

If a regular blue-ray costs almost double the whole PS3 package, either the player is bare-bones and made of shoddy materials (common for Sony) or all the other Blu-ray players are vastly over-priced, over-hyped and aren't worth the money (very likely).

Either way, Sony is cutting HUGE corners somewhere in this thing.
PS2 had one of the worst DVD players on Earth. Why? Because it was an add on. A secondary feature. Only now the secondary feature over-shadows the main event!

PS3 is made to appeal to gamers looking for an image-enhancing system. The flashier and most expensive = the best.

PS3 is doing so badly and is such a nasty mess, that most game companies have already pulled out of exclusive deals and taken their games multi-platform because of the orgasm of bad ideas, practices and ridiculous greed of Sony.

Sony fanboys praise the system as being the most powerful despite the lack of good games.
Which would hold more value if these same fanboys didn't claim that "power wasn't everything" last generation, when the PS2 was weaker than XBox (and the same for XBox fanboys)but had better games.

Sorta proves they really don't have any particular qualifications for best system, other than "Sony/Microsoft made it"
The PS3 is like a nice car that comes with an airplane.
You want the car but, you have to buy the airplane and the airplane costs way more than the car. Then you need an airport to use it (Hi-Def TV)
The extra feature overshadows the primary concern.
Sony has marketed the PS3 as a computer system.
The problem is, Sony already makes computers! I could buy a Vaio cheaper and do more with it.
by FlowersInMidgar May 2, 2007
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Literal - To present something, whether an idea, project, product, etc. by way of a phone call, rather than in person.

Used to describe a lazy or uninspired attempt.

Minimal effort.
Kate: "God what an ass."
Bill: "No kidding, I can't believe what Joe's saying!"
Steve: "n00b!!!1!"
Bill: "Way to 'phone it in' Steve..."
by FlowersInMidgar October 28, 2006
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Emissaries of the worst gaming site this side of Gamespot and servitors to the infernal jag CJayC.
Think Ring Wraiths only meaner, nerdier, with less professionalism and (despite a Ring Wraith being dead and evil with no body) less chance of getting laid....and less fashion sense.

Known for extreme corruption. Using the term moderator is akin to a slap in the face of anyone whose actually cared about the site they moderate.

Traits include:
1. Selective moderating.
2. Back-assward logic.
3. Blatant bias.
4. Extreme corruption.
5. Laziness.
6. Cowardice.
7. Power mongering.
8. Overall dickish-ness. (Thank you Jon Stewart)
A Gamefaqs Moderator helled me for using the term "bichin" to describe Captain Planet's mullet under "censor bypass" rules.
I figured since it mearly contains the word blocked but presents none of the offensive nature (Bart Simpson used it) and has never been considered a curse word, I'd be fine. I've always minded the Censor system. This was bullshit.

Meanwhile a nearby thread spent several pages calling homosexuals "abominations". Though the thread "why do the moderators allow so much trolling?" was quickly deleted. The trolling continued btw....

Another user:
"I can't believe I was modded for telling this troll off but the troll went unpunished! God the mods are corrupt."

My thread under petitions/suggestions was deleted:
Title: Petition: Eliminate Moderator Anonymity
Reason: Off topic posting.
by FlowersInMidgar September 29, 2006
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The "clever" modification to the term "Juggalo".

See where they went with that?
Instead of Jugga~LO, something anyone with self respect would take pride in, and not a totally retarded thing to be called,
(hold on. It gets more complicated, so pay attention. Because just when you think they're gonna go one way, POW!)
they say Jugga~HO.... which totally turns it into something stupid.
Like all of a sudden, you think: Hey! I just got insulted! I was going for Jugga~LO and they totally blew my mind and said Jugga~HO! Haha!...heh, It totally sounded like Juggalo until the end of the word! I was totally OWNED!

That's right,
Now, through the magic of wordplay only previously attainable by the scathing rapier-wit of a second grade playground fight, the once majestic title of Juggalo has now become the most degrading of insults, absolutely unlike the way it was before
....not stupid.

I hereby cite the case of Pot vs. Kettle in the infamous "You're black" hearings of 1604-now.
The case of puke vs. shit in the now heavily publicized "You stink" trial of 1973.
yall just a juggaho ill fuck ur moms dick and lauph while i kill u wit my hatchit held hi!!!11!

...So, does this mean that I don't get to paint my face like a twit, hang out with a group of pot smokers with a full set of teeth and odd number of toes between them, listen to two grown men dressed like fools, rhyme poorly about a magical circus of retards who judge people based on some idiotic pseudo-religion who's tenets are primarily scribed in the liner notes of a handful of CDs!?!
You know, just because some juggalos (READ: 90%) are illiterate morons doesn't mean there isn't a genius juggalo out there.
(who gets off on such brilliant lyrics like "Bitch you's a ho, and ho you's a bitch. Everybody knows that you's a funky bitch." or "You're the ugliest bitch I know, but I'd still fuck you, red neck ho." or "Great Milenko gave me three wishes, that night I fucked three fat bitches!)
by FlowersInMidgar May 15, 2007
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A bestselling fantasy book and film series written by English author J.K. Rowling.

Originally intended to be a children's book series. However, the intelligent and whimsical world of a boy who's miserable life suddenly transforms around him into an epic journey through a fantastic world of wizards, witches and mystical creatures, where every aspect (regardless of how small) is magical,
has attained the incredibly rare achievement of accessibility to readers of any age.

The central story follows Harry Potter as he attends the wizarding school Hogwarts, located outside of Hogsmeade, Scotland.
The stories revolve around Harry's interaction and exploration of a world parallel to our own, filled with magical foods, vehicles, monsters and sports.
The story's primary challenge and danger, lies in the return of a powerful, old enemy who had destroyed Harry's immediate family. Leaving him marked by a scar on his forehead.

Each of the seven books in the series represents a single "year" at Hogwarts. Each containing an episodic challenge that is to be overcome, whilst maintaining a coherent plot which encompasses the entirety of the series. Every book also features the three main protagonists coping with the gradual changes of puberty and social responsibility, as their eyes are opened to the, often times, harsh world around them.
Every book also reveals more about the world itself, including traditions, other schools and life outside of school.
Pivotal are his relationships with these two friends: Hermione Granger (A know it all bookworm) and Ronald Weasley (Harry's earnest, faithful best friend)
Like most of the characters in the series, both Ron and Hermione gradually evolve past these initial stereotypes into rich characters and change drastically as they become adults.

All an all, a very enjoyable book series that becomes increasingly darker and deeper as one progresses through the series.
Very rarely does an author create a world that is really cool AND that the reader would actually want to live in and be part of.
Harry Potter is a very fun and enjoyable series. Don't be quick to judge, as you may miss something truly great.
by FlowersInMidgar October 25, 2006
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