1. A rubber boot
2. A condom (used)
3. Verbal bus stop rap
"I notice you aren't wearing any galoshes. I'm wearing galoshes."
by Hank February 1, 2003
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Tall waterproof rain boots usually having additional rubber at the toe.
Im tryna cop them new Columbia galoshes that just came out.
by Panama March 21, 2005
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Drinking so much alcohol and becoming completely wasted and disorderly.
I was so galoshed from all my screwdrivers during Breakfast Club.
by chepopolis December 23, 2010
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Since galoshes were only made during the 1940's, no new pairs of galoshes have been made. Since old people never used or even remembered that they even had galoshes to begin with, they remain unopened and untouched in their closets. Galoshes are then put into stores after extricating the galoshes from said old person's closet. This action is known as galoshing and is best when the old person is recently deceased and the family is still in mourning.
Matt: I'm going galoshing today. Can I count on you to distract the mourners?

Tom: Sure. It's not everyday that their Uncle Fred dies of a terrible rabid dog accident.

Matt: Excellent. I'll be sure to grab the galoshes in a timely manner.

Tom: Well hurry up, I'm about to diarate on Aunt Sally's face now.
by cockwarrior November 12, 2006
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A latex device to keep you from a) getting that greasy skank pregnant b) getting crotch crickets from the greasy skank.
Just before I stuck my stanky hang down in the greasy skank, I put on a galosh.
by Spanks Johnson May 12, 2006
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A word that means shocked and surprised at the same time.... In extreme cases of using this saying it can mean you have browned yourself.
Char has browned the sofa AGAIN
Golly galoshers
by Rwolbic May 10, 2005
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