generic asian girl, often like to draw horses, generally all look the same
darn gags, i can't tell them apart

by i am frazz April 01, 2007
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a retarded geography loving migit. who is so retarded. she wears like fluro green skirts and sends me out for doing nothing. wat a bitch.
geez i hate gags.

argh not chapel again. fucking gags is there.
by bashsilent.tk January 22, 2004
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1. Fluctuating measure of weight normally around 270 lbs.
2. Kid whose very rich dad buys stuff
1. Wow, that thing weighs about a gag.
2. What a spoiled brat; what a gag.
by Beaudoin's a Faggot November 08, 2003
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Stands for generic asian girl/guy.

Typical characteristics:
- Loves anime and/or manga
- Tries to draw either of the above
- Daily dress code consists of Aeropostale/American Eagle that their parents chose for them
- Has no life, idea of a good time is to sit home and watch illegally bittorented episodes of dramas
- Overly academic
Scott, "Did you see -insert name here-?"
Roy, "Yeah, she's such a gag, god."
Scott, "She does nothing with her life."
by Lowellite 1421 August 06, 2008
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to get on an AOL host and make someone typing not seen by anyone for the users set time.
=qpermagag snhere 60
by JEeto aol hax0r August 22, 2003
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An act of trying to make people jealous or to impress, but sadly failing.
Tre Cool refused to gag with 2 certain girls because he was so disgusted by their corniness.
by Gagginghater4ever September 04, 2005
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