Confirmation by Captain, that she does Porn.
Guy 1- Damn! She hot. Does she?
Guy 2- Yeah, she does!
by agileninja February 17, 2021
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A sexual reference about a female that participates in sex utilising every oriface on her body.
You fucked her!? What was it like??
Mate...."she does everything".
by Signor Dick Pic November 2, 2013
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A popular phrase used mainly on Tiktok to identify if a girl is a lesbian (or just likes other girls). Girl in red is a popular lesbian singer, so her audience is mainly queer women.
-“Did you see the new tiktok she uploaded? She is SOOO pretty! Should i hit her up?”
- “Does she listen to girl in red?”
by pec0n April 26, 2020
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A way of calling someone gay by referencing Macklemore's song Same Love
Guy 1 - I'm so happy Macklemore won all the rap Grammys over Kendrick lamar.

Guy 2 - does she keep you warm?
by Jose-CanYou-See January 31, 2014
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