When you witness something so amazing, you're at a loss for words
When she came walking into the club wearing that outfit, I gagged!
by Brodi February 18, 2021
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When a large penis is inserted into a girls mouth and it is so big she can't breathe, and there is a possibility she might be sick.
Boy's ex girlfriend: In my personal opinion he is HUGE

Current girlfriend: I know right

Boy's ex girlfriend:i had to put that in my mouth.......my gag reflexes are top notch ;) i mean i couldn't physically breathe!

Current girlfriend:oh no! i gag all the time though! i wouldnt be able to do it! i would just be sick on it, its fine hehe
by whatagag February 6, 2011
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When someone is disgusted and makes weird random noises.
Person 1: Someone just vomited

Tahia: That makes me wanna vomit
Tahia: I think I'm gonna gag
by Petergriffin#awesome December 22, 2017
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A term commonly used among teenage girls to describe a piece of clothing or hair style that is so ugly, it makes them want to choke or vomit.
Ughh, do you really think I would wear that sweater, it looks like my grandma wore it after the cat puked on it! Gag!

Eeeww, her hair style is so Gag! Tell her that Princess Leia called, she wants her braids back!
by AnastasiRoyalies March 13, 2014
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An act of trying to make people jealous or to impress, but sadly failing.
Tre Cool refused to gag with 2 certain girls because he was so disgusted by their corniness.
by Gagginghater4ever September 4, 2005
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To be amazed or stunned by someone or a situation of some kind. A term often used within the LGBT community and the ballroom club scene.
When she hit that death drop, honey I was gagged!
by Pursik November 6, 2017
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“Gagging” is a slang word predominantly used amongst the LGBTQ+ community as a sign of amusement or excitement, it is mostly used in the context of a relationship, or Drag performance.
Miss thing that queen Venessa Couleé had me Gagging!”
by Dick Shawn Nary November 2, 2020
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