to be gacked is to be under the influence of methamphetemine
as in "I was so gacked last night that I took apart my vcr and cleaned it now I can't gety it back together"
by jon thomas (chipper-shredder) January 26, 2005
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extremely high and lacking in cooridnation skills or natural grace. Developing temorary speech impediment or just a low volume mumble.
"Too much amphedamines and three days of sleep deprivation has got me straight gacked yo."
by Heather j November 6, 2006
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adjective describing some one who is strung out on meth

oklahoma white trash vernacular
Shark was gacked, so I got the hell out.
by Orville Blick April 22, 2005
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Last night I had a few lines, and I was totally gacked.
by Theone December 30, 2004
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An individual who is heavily under the influence of MDMA (ecstasy, caps, pills, etc.) namely characterised by their dilated pupils and gurning jaw.
Why is Jack's clenching up so hard? He's gacked as
by hellohi21 January 19, 2020
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To steal from someone else. Used often in blogs and such.
"I totally gacked this picture from Amy's site."
by Anonymous November 9, 2003
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"taken from", used to credit the source of material copied from one internet site to another, primarily used in blogs
"I gacked this meme from <maddog>"
by sheherazahde January 5, 2006
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