1 : physically weak as from long-term drug addiction
2 : addicted to a drug
3 : Totally high from drug use
Everyone was so strung out last night at the concert.
by Valen August 19, 2004
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When after continuous drug use, a user feels like they're not high despite being heavily impaired, resulting in continued heavy drug dosing. Easily observed by the impairment, physical deterioration and continued dosing of the user.
Did you see Erika? She's so strung out, her cheekbones could cut glass. She had me over, 'cause she couldn't step away from her pipe for more than a few minutes.
by phishsandwich January 27, 2009
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A term used in the 60's and 70's to describe a heavy drug user. The term originated because heavy drug users tended to move from one place to the other while trying to maintain their high. Eventually their clothing and possessions would be in multiple locations, or, "strung out."
Hey man, did you see that chick? She is so strung out.
by nuriter April 1, 2011
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A SoCal punkrock band under the flag of Fat Wreck Chords (www.fatwreck.com), with albums such as Another Day in Paradise, Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues, Twisted By Design, An American Paradox, Exile in Oblivion, and others.

This band is very unique in the punkrock scene, has been around for a long time, and has a deservedly loyal audience base. Check out their music at the website above.
Strung Out's gonna be playing at the Majestic Ventura Theatre next saturday night!
by Elkazarr November 26, 2004
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I was very strung out on Wednesday, for on Tuesday, I dropped three hits of acid.
by Joshamania May 19, 2004
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originally derived from when people used drugs for so long that they became weak and eratic, but can be used to describe someone who's weak and giggly / had the sense fucked out of them after sex.
she was so strung out she was practically putty in my hands
by inavvee May 13, 2021
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Someone who is high on some sort of drug and acting strangely and erratically
The passer by could tell that the man was strung-out due to his strange actions and his erratic movements
by URban_101 January 4, 2012
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