This is an addition to the previous definition, which is half right. "Gabagool" is slang for "capicola." It is not a mispronunciation, but is instead in Napolitan dialect, which is what the Sopranos and many Italian-Americans use.
The rule in this dialect is to chop off ending vowels and to voice unvoiced consonants.

by Lisa Moscatiello July 11, 2005
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Capicola Ham.
"My wife sends me here to shop because they got good gabagool."
by S.J. September 2, 2003
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The Sicilian pronunciation for the spicy deli ham "Capicola".
"Do you want provologne on your gobagool sandwich?"
by Jeff January 31, 2005
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The americanized version of the Italian word "Capicola" made popular by Tony Soprano and other ignorant 2nd & 3rd generation Italo-Americans who have forgotten how to speak italian properly.
Capicola is a spicy deli meat similar to ham or salami.
"Let's have a gabagool sandwich after we wack Big Pussy."
by Stallion April 18, 2004
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Italian-American slang word for a Southern Italian vagina.
Man, I gotta get me some of dat gabagool! The spicier the bettah!
by sausagegrinder55 February 10, 2011
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A spicy Italian sausage. Tony wants it but can't have it.
Tony: Who ate all the gabagool?
Wife: No more gabagool for you, the doctor said it's bad for you.
Tony: I don't give a f...!!!
by Pallomember May 20, 2015
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Term recently used by Italians to define the "italian-wannabes", people sometimes of Italian origins (mostly Americans) who know nothing about Italy and are arrogant towards the Italians when they try to explain what Italian culture is actually like. The typical "gabagool" does not know how to speak Italian and is deeply convinced that Italians are exactly like television stereotypes.
- That gabagool insulted me when I said him that Lasagna is a type of pasta, not a recipe.
- I met a gabagool who tried to convince me that all Italians are olive skinned.
by Manuore March 10, 2021
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