2 definitions by S.J.

Capicola Ham.
"My wife sends me here to shop because they got good gabagool."
by S.J. September 02, 2003
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The act of inserting a cow's heart into a person's anal canal, after which point the recipient must achieve orgasm within 10 seconds, otherwise the inserter must rip the recipient's molars out with pliers.
Thinking ahead, Stephen grabbed the needle-nosed pliers from his father's tool shed on the way to the pasture, where he gave his girlfriend ellen a rather memorable Skippy Johnson.

A cow's heart in one hand, needle-nosed pliers in the other, Derek questioned whether tonight was the right night to give Shari her first Skippy Johnson, and whether she would make the 10-second cut.
by S.J. June 09, 2006
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