The americanized version of the Italian word "Capicola" made popular by Tony Soprano and other ignorant 2nd & 3rd generation Italo-Americans who have forgotten how to speak italian properly.
Capicola is a spicy deli meat similar to ham or salami.
"Let's have a gabagool sandwich after we wack Big Pussy."
by Stallion April 18, 2004
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A delicious Italian breakfast food. While it is usually used in sandwiches, some people prefer to eat it with a pickle. Oddly enough, it was originally used to feed donkeys in Italy, before Tony said “Fuck that shit, I’m gonna eat this on my pizza now” and stole the whole supply of the stuff from the donkey community.
Woke up this mornin’, got some gabagool...
by BluePpetersonChew October 13, 2020
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Italian-American slang word for a Southern Italian vagina.
Man, I gotta get me some of dat gabagool! The spicier the bettah!
by sausagegrinder55 February 10, 2011
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"Damn Chris, that kill was so dirty I just gabagooled!"
by Denny Jenkem May 17, 2020
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gaba gool at one time was known as an italian meat. however. through progression. and inflation. gaba gool has re defined itself. as an inside joke. but yet an insult to those who are unfamiliar with the term. gaba gool truly is how you express yourself when you have no words to describe the situation you are in. gaba gool can be emphasized by repeating yourself three time; "gaba gool. gaba gool gaba gool." Gaba Gool may also be used as insult. Use it wisely, and only when necessary. Want to stand out in a crowd. Say the word gaba gool.
Scenario 1

Girlfriend: "Did you snort cocaine tonight"?

Victim: "Gaba Gool. Gaba Gool. Gaba Gool."

Scenario 2

Hoe: You're such an asshole.

Victim: Gaba Gool that hoe.

Scenario 3

Person 1: "wats the matter with you"

Victim: I don't want to talk about. Too much gaba gool today.

Scenario 4

Person 78496731: "This chick was like totally hoeing me."

Bro 183236: "Bro siv. you totally need to learn how to express yourself."

Bro 84726: "Ya bro. you should have said gaba gool. gaba gool. gaba gool."
by kush the champ carroll. July 10, 2008
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Gabagool - something we want but could not achieve due to the lack of human consciousness and the effect of inhumanity against the environment of the earth. We will all die
“I wanta the gabagool”
“one day.. one day”
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by Gæ Bowser December 08, 2020
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Do you like meat? Well Tony Soprano has a fetish for gabagool thin sliced MEAT
Tony Soprano: AJ! Get down stairs and get me some fUcKiNg gAbAgOol!

AJ: why do you like meat?

Tony: do us all a favor and grow up...
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