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Genious rappers, great lyrics...
Slug (Seven) is so fuckin' sexy!
Give them a listen!
Atmosphere kicks ass.
by Jessie January 01, 2004

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life;an artform
the best extreme sport
Get Out And Skateboard kids.
by jessie December 31, 2003

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A word made up by TJ Detwhiler, on Disneys animated show Recess. He made the word to have no purpose or meaning, but the teachers all thought that is was a curse word, so they banned it.
I want a big whompiing surving
Man that really whomps
by Jessie August 24, 2004

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Always trying to do the right thing. Going against everyone else if everyone else is doing the wrong thing.
Telling the truth even if it is a circumstance that the person could get in trouble.
by Jessie February 02, 2004

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the best station on cabletv, with the best videos and hot hosts for thier shows, kick ass TV!
MTV is CRAP, watch fuse.
by jessie January 01, 2004

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Hmm. No ones brought up the fact that us Pittsburghians have an awesome accent and talk 200 miles an hour. Pittsburghese i think its called. And the scenery is amazing. PA isnt completely taken over by industry, so you can see hills rolling on for miles. And ok, so there are a lot of weird places like Eighty-four where you get absolutely no cable or phone lines (I actually have friends who live there..), but I think the people here are a lot nicer than you think.
Visit PA and take some notes, eh?
by Jessie May 21, 2004

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example songs:

"she thinks my trackers sexy"
"i love this bar"

enough said
If you hear someone listening to country music run
by Jessie January 04, 2004

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