(Originally referred to the American film-rating system, in which "G" stands for "general admission".)

1. Appropriate for all ages, with no offensive content such as violence, drug use, profanity, or sex acts.

2. Sanitized or altered to remove offensive content.
1. Just because a movie is G-rated, that doesn't mean it's a kiddie show: ever see _The Sound of Music_?

2. I'd better tell you the G-rated version of what went on at the school dance; my mom is probably listening in!
by Ingeborg S. Nordén May 3, 2006
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Another way of saying that something is gangsta
That game is G-rated for Gangsta.
by T-dogg_1988 November 13, 2006
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In reference to fooling around but never fully 'rounding the bases'. Often used to validate otherwise off limits first date behavior as wholesome or clean behavior.
Then Steve said "But Katy, they're only hands...its strictly G Rated"
by Ashley April 16, 2005
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This is where a young girl is such a whore, she sucks maybe 10-100 dicks, swallows all the jizz, but then later finds out she has had too much to "drink" becomes ill, lies on her back completley naked convulses forward arching her back to her mouth is at her vagina, vomits all the jizz out into her own pussy, becomes pregnant and has a child from it. This bitch would then have to appear on 12 episodes of geraldo trying to find out who her baby's daddy is.
Did you hear that motheruckin' bitch Kate had a G rated pregnacy?
by ApeBike August 29, 2006
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