a person who looks attractive or sexy
Damn, she looks like a full meal in the basketball uniform.
by ayee its lit April 9, 2017
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A large supper, usually consumed by a group of friends prior to a big night out on the town. Much like the last supper, the meal is symbolic in it's unity of friendship via alcholic beverages and wings.
I knew we were going to have a super night last Friday when Chuck demanded we have a full meal at Chickie's
by tactrash April 30, 2008
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An elaborate south indian meal that consists of multiple courses, served by impatient yet efficient staff, usually on a banana leaf designed to cause maximum spillage. Always eaten by hand, and usually eaten in quantities that would feed a child for a week.
Macha, I'm semma hungry. Let's go put one full meals at Sangeetha.
by Retronai December 9, 2019
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This word is commonly used to describe Jack Avery, a member of the popular group called Why Don't We (Buy their ep, something different on iTunes) by describing someone as a full course meal you are calling them hot, tasty enough to eat, cute, etc....
by Ilikejazz August 4, 2017
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Jonah Marais, from the rising band Why Don't We, could easily be described as a full course meal. He is attractive, can sing, and is tall.

A "full course meal" describes someone who has it all. Usually when describing females, they are slim thick. But when describing males, they could have a range of characteristics such as: being over 6 feet, having muscles, having plump lips, has a sense of humor, and doesn't cheat.

All of those describe Jonah Marais. He gained attention in 2015-2016 when he joined video broadcasting sight YouNow and began to show his talent of singing. After joining band Why Don't We in late 2016, he was surprisingly bombarded with teenage girls tweeting about him being a "snack" or a "full course meal."

Also, he "looks good enough to eat", which is another reason of which he would be considered a full course meal.
"Did you see Jonah & Zach in that new interview tonight? Lookin' like two full course meals."
by jorbyns August 20, 2017
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commonly used to describe the band called Why Don't We. This band is officially one years old the day I'm writing this. The five boys, Jonah Marais, Zach Herron, Corbyn Besson, Daniel Seavey, and Jack Avery, are super hot and are totals studs. Not only do they have voices of angels, they are super sweet and kind and pure hearted.
Zach, Corbyn, Jonah, Jack, and Daniel are full course meals.
by xxZachHerron'sWifexx September 28, 2017
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often used to describe zach herron, a member of why don't we (other known as the best band to ever exist). some argue he is the hottest 16 year old to live, and those who say he isn't deserve to be punched.
by smileywdw on instagram September 19, 2017
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