Corbyn is a very funny guy. He is a very nice friend and very talented. He is also a part of a band called Why Don't We along with Daniel, Jonah, Jack, and Zach. He is an amazing singer. If you are friends with a Corbyn you are very lucky. Keep him around he might surprise you
OMG I'm meeting Corbyn today! AHH
by hdogsickel October 20, 2017
where do I even start, Corbyn is such a blessing in this world and if you have any connection with him you better keep it because you will regret leaving an angel. Just his bluish greenish eyes make you fall in love with him in a sec.
-Corbyn Besson is awesome.
by inocentbesson January 1, 2019
Corbyn’s are very funny. If you ever find a Corbyn, don’t let him go, they will help you with anything you need, although they get distracted easily. Corbyns are likely to be tall, and good looking, so if you spot or know a corbyn, you better claim your chance while you can. A corbyn can also be very smart but silly at the same time and doesn’t lie unless they really need to. They are trustworthy people, you can trust them with anything.
Marie: hey corbyn can I tell you a secret?
Corbyn: yeah of course I won’t tell anyone.
by Niskam March 21, 2018
Corbyn is a special name that not many people use ,but there a reason that you've been given this name. It's is because you are reliable,courageous,strong,and sexy.
Sup Corbyn how are you doing,
by Corbyn 123 November 15, 2017
a lovable, tall guy who is always ready to talk and have a laugh, the second you find yourself a Corbyn you will feel immediatly hooked! A corbyn usually has light brown hair, however some of the time he dyes it as brown just isnt his thing! A corbyn is very talented and funny but dont think that his amazingness stops there! Corbyn can also be kinda nerdy, from Space to potatoes, a Corbyn will probably know the answer! If you have a corbyn, be sure to never let him go!
Christy-No fair how did you get yourself a corbyn!
Grace-I dont know but he is the best!
by RandomChildNo:2 November 1, 2018
A Corbyn is very smart and goofy. He is also very sexy and is great at sports. If you ever find a Corbyn get him quick before some other girl get to him.
Mya: Corbyn you are so sexy.
Corbyn:Thank you, you are fine as well.
by Romelo May 7, 2019