The best of the best with great videos on youtube and an awesome singer in the band Why Don't We he is soo amazing and his voice is perfect.
Jack Avery is soo amazing
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A poodle haired, talented, amazing and caring person that should be more known. 1/5 of the Why Dont We boys. I have many nicknames but shouldnt take up all of your time with them
Person one: did you see the Why Dont We boy's new song?
Person two: YEAH, OBVIOUSLY, who is your favourite?

Person one: Definitely Daniel Savey and Corbyn!
Person two: i mean i like Daniel and Corbyn but Jack Avery is sooo the best!
by BabyGirlKnows July 11, 2017
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One of the most freaking precious person on the earth he is extremely hot and his smile is amazing and anyone would die for it . He is also part of a band called Why Don’t We with his other hot af band mates Zach Herron, Daniel Seavey, Corbyn Besson and Jonah Marais. Jack freaking Avery has the best voice ever he sings so good. He is brilliant, freaking perfect and he should never change.
Wow have you heard Jack Avery sing. Yes he is amazing.
by WhyDontWeBoysForever March 17, 2018
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Have you seen Jack Avery, his hair is so much likes noodles
by Limelight5every September 9, 2017
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Jack Avery is part of pop band Why Don't We. He is 1/5 out of these amazing people. Jack has noodles for hair. He has 3 sisters and is being shipped with Zach Herron(Jachary) ❤❤
Ooh Jack Avery's voice gets me everytime in Big Plans
by Just another limelight 😁❤ February 17, 2019
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A great and amazing singer in the band why dont we also know as noodles and poodle he could be dating a girl called Maddy Rose but i guess we will never know
Have you heard the rumours about how Jack Avery might be dating Maddy Rose
by The awesome Urbaner January 15, 2018
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