3 definitions by Ilikejazz

stands for “mushroom dick syndrome” this can be used when a dick looks like an actual mushroom
girl 1: “did you see drake bells nudes?”
girl 2: “ew yes he totally has msd”
by Ilikejazz April 9, 2018
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This word is commonly used to describe Jack Avery, a member of the popular group called Why Don't We (Buy their ep, something different on iTunes) by describing someone as a full course meal you are calling them hot, tasty enough to eat, cute, etc....
by Ilikejazz August 4, 2017
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A dope group chat that loves drama and spills all the “tea”. The best member of the group chat goes by the name of siesta. She is lit, cullen on the other hand, that’s another story, he is so mean. But everyone else is lit
Fan 1- have you heard of tea time babes?
Fan 2- OMG yes I love them, especially siesta!
by Ilikejazz October 26, 2017
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