brings happiness and depression into the world at the same time . He makes people happy when he posts and performs but it makes you depressed afterwards because you miss him . He has an amazing voice and I will support him through everything- @sierrannette
girl : hey did you see Jonah Marais new post

by Whydontwezdjjc August 14, 2017
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He is the definition of perfection and happiness. He is one of the most beautiful and hot people in the world. He brings happiness wherever he goes. Follow him on all social media @Jonahmarais and @whydontwemusic . Follow me @_whydontwe33_
Damn it’s Jonah Marais, I love him!!!
by _whydontwe33_ March 21, 2018
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an amazing guy who deserves the world. a guy who deserves all happiness in the world and doesn’t deserve to be sad. let’s not forget that jonah marais is an inspiration to many.
by alohamarais October 10, 2018
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Means; Another word for perfection. Synonym; Perfect, wonderful, amazing, terrific. Antonyms; Awful, terrible.
Friend: Have you met Jonah yet?
Me: yeah I met jonah Marais the other day!
by kwoulfe May 13, 2015
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A boy next door guy who loves harry potter that you can't take off your eyes on him. Lowkey a devil but highkey an angel.
"Omg! Is that Jonah Marais? I can't stop staring at him."
by aestheticallyjonah November 4, 2018
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1/5 of the most amazing man band on the planet Why Don't We. He is so precious and the literal definition of perfect. Jonah loves coffee A LOT aswell Harry Potter.
When he's not breaking tables he'll be with his just as amazing bandmates Daniel Seavey, Zach Herron ,Corbyn Besson and Jack Avery. They make some really lit music together and if you haven't heard it, you should definitely go check it out because its unbelievable.
Don't change Jonah Marais every part of you is just right and no matter how much of a hoe you can be sometimes, us limelights just can't stay mad at you.
E.g. 1
Idiot: ew is that jonah marais?
Sane person: OMG SHUT UP HE IS GORGEOUS *slaps idiot*

E.g. 2

Person 1: why don't we are so amazing
Person 2: I know they are jonah marais is so amazing right?
Person 1: he sure is
by Let me hear you say wayhoo October 29, 2019
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Total snack! He love starbucks love harry potter. Type of guy who will always be by your side through thick an thin, he is caring,kind, and awesome at singing
Girl 1: hey did you hear that Jonah Marais is dating someone

Girl 2: yea sadly! She is a real lucky one

Girl 1: she better like starbucks and harry potter
Girl 2: just imagine if she didn’t

Girl 1: then he is gonna be single
by Heaven1827 April 8, 2019
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