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Jonah Marais, from the rising band Why Don't We, could easily be described as a full course meal. He is attractive, can sing, and is tall.

A "full course meal" describes someone who has it all. Usually when describing females, they are slim thick. But when describing males, they could have a range of characteristics such as: being over 6 feet, having muscles, having plump lips, has a sense of humor, and doesn't cheat.

All of those describe Jonah Marais. He gained attention in 2015-2016 when he joined video broadcasting sight YouNow and began to show his talent of singing. After joining band Why Don't We in late 2016, he was surprisingly bombarded with teenage girls tweeting about him being a "snack" or a "full course meal."

Also, he "looks good enough to eat", which is another reason of which he would be considered a full course meal.
"Did you see Jonah & Zach in that new interview tonight? Lookin' like two full course meals."
by jorbyns August 20, 2017
Enzo is a salty, annoying, and triggered person who thinks their the shit.
person 1: "Hey, have you talked to Enzo recently?"
person 2: "No. He's too salty for me."
by jorbyns September 4, 2016