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Being true to yourself, innocent, uncorrupted, unblemished etc.

Not conforming to what society dictates, but in a sense marching to the beat of your own drummer

Johnny: "Your gold when your a kid. When your a kid, everythings new. Like dawn, the way you dig sunsets, Ponyboy, that's gold. Keep it that way, its a good way to be."

-Liz stay gold :)
by .PiCe.NuSSy. January 18, 2009

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Contrary to popular belief, a person who leads a "Thug Life" is not a criminal. The acronym made popular by the great rapper Tupac Shakur has nothing to do with being a "gangsta" or anything of the sort, rather, it stands for all the socially oppressive things we are taught at a young age that negatively affects us (or society) as adults.

When parents teach their children to hate a certain group of people because they are "different" than them, that in turn "fucks everyone," and the people who are victims of that hate, live a "Thug Life"

Many people who aren't familiar with Tupac's work commonly mistaken the phrase as someone who is a "gangsta", lowlife, "criminal," etc. not realising that there is much more to the acronym than meets the eye .

"They wonder what type of nigga be a thug life nigga, we be the craziest" - Quote taken from the Tupac song "Nothing to Lose"
by .PiCe.NuSSy. May 21, 2008

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Positive or negative expectations about circumstances, events, or people that may affect a persons behavior toward them in a manner that he or she (unknowingly) creates situations in which those expectations are fulfilled.

In other words, causing something to happen by believing it will come true

Example 1:
An employer sees a new employee and automatically expects him to be disloyal. The employer then treats the employee in a way to elicit the very response he concluded.

Example 2:
Labeling someone a "criminal," and treating that person as such, may foster criminal behavior in the person who is subjected to the expectation, thus creating a self fulfilling prophecy
by .PiCe.NuSSy. September 10, 2008

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Taking a long story and summarizing its main points, skipping over unnecessary details
I wanted to tell you all about my amazing day , but long story short, I totaled your car!!
by .PiCe.NuSSy. September 09, 2008

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A style of basketball where there is not a set of specific rules. Teams consist of 5 players like any typical basketball game, but unlike a regulation basketball game, players generally have a "me first" attitude, rarely passing the ball to even sometimes wide open teammates. Fouls committed against other players usually don't matter, the game continues on as if nothing happened.

Since there are no rules to follow, the game can sometimes look erratic, and maybe even dangerous

(jungle ball is not a racial term)

Jungle Ball is like football, soccer, and basketball combined
by .PiCe.NuSSy. November 25, 2008

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- noun (.n)
A word derived from the derogatory term "Nigger." Unlike the term Nigger, Nigga doesn't necessarily have the same meaning, and CAN be used by people of all races.

Differences between the two:

1) Nigger
(a) An Offensive term used to describe a person of any race or origin regarded as inferior. Especially used by lighter skinned people towards darker skinned people.
(b) Sometimes used to describe someone who lacks intelligence.

2) Nigga
Slang term that can be used to describe anyone close to you; no matter what race you are. Can be used to describe a friend, girlfriend, boyfriend or an enemy. Like the word Fuck, when used in different contexts, it can have a different meaning.

Advisory Warning: As long as the person whom you are speaking with understands where you are coming from, using the term "Nigga" instead of homie or friend is acceptable. Always chose your words wisely when speaking with strangers.

1) Nigger
"Billybob look! That stupid Nigger just bought a ticket to the rodeo that's scheduled this saturday"

2) Nigga
- When describing a friend:
(a) "Nick is my nigga, even though he's not black. Me and him go way back"
-When describing a love interest
(b) "Your body is bangin' baby, l love the way you flaunt it, time to give it to daddy, nigga now tell me how you want it."
- When describing an enemy:
(c) "That bitch ass nigga just jacked my dime piece and gold chain."
by .PiCe.NuSSy. October 24, 2007

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Applied to someone who is present only when things are going well or when they need something, but at the first sign of trouble/hardship, they disappear faster than Brittney Spears's career

In sports, the term is often confused with a bandwagoner, but unlike bandwagon fans, a fair weather fan initially has some interest in the team, but they want nothing to do with them when tough times occur. As soon as the team starts to turn things around and starts winning, they act as if they been there through thick and thin.

A fair weather friend is more of an associate/acquaintance. They aren't truly your friend, but you talk to them enough to somewhat know them personally. They act nice to you when they need something, but as soon as you need them to return the favor, they are nowhere to be found. A true friend is there for you no matter what.

This term can be applied to anything in life, but these are the most common.

-Example of fair weather fan-
Me: The Lakers are on tonight, I can't wait
Fair Weather Fan: I can't wait either, they rock this year
Me: I thought you said acouple years back you were done watching them after ________ got traded and you couldn't stand all their mounting losses
Fair Weather Fan: Shh the games starting

-Example of Fair Weather Friend-
Fair Weather Friend: Hey I was absent last week, can I borrow your notes?
Me: Sure man, no prob
Fair Weather Friend: Cool man thanks. You wanna chill later on after your done with all your classes?
......Later on that day......
Fair Weather Friend: Thanks for letting me use your notes, i got a B on the test
Me: Its cool. So we still gonna hang out?
Fair Weather Friend: Huh, hang out? Nah man I can't, I got plans with other people
by .PiCe.NuSSy. January 20, 2009

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